About Us

Where It All Began – Our Humble History

The Reynolds family has been proudly leading the way in collision repair in Knoxville, TN since 1952. Three generations ago, when Glen Reynolds turned his passion for cars into a local business, he was the personification of tenacity and honesty in the community. As a welder by trade and repair expert at heart, Glen merged the two skills and built the business on the foundation of family values and unsurpassed expertise.It turned out such love for cars ran in the family, so his son Sandy continued the family tradition and took over the collision repair center only to grow it even further. Their shared determination and a community focused mindset enabled the body shop to become a pillar and a symbol of integrity and hard work.

Over time, auto repair in Knoxville, TN started including more refined methods and tools, with Courtesy Body Works and the Reynolds family always ready to stay ahead of the learning curve. Mastering even the most complex OEM procedures and manufacturer certified repairs, Courtesy technicians are still the best in business.

Today, with Josh and Micah Reynolds running the auto body shop, safety and honesty remain at the heart of everything Courtesy stands for and every relationship they build.

Through all the ups and downs we have shared in these sixty years and counting, our family has always welcomed customers with an open heart and a friendly smile. We value your business and cherish your safety above all else. We promise to always live up to our family name and reputation, so that you can drive safely and come back to our shop knowing your needs will always come first.